Reusable Packaging: How CFOs Make Better Budget Decisions

      Reusable packaging offers a stronger return on investment (ROI) and a lower cost-per-trip than single-use packaging products. In the automotive, heavy truck, power sports, and aerospace industries, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are using sewn fabric dunnage to reduce energy usage, material waste, and overall supply chain costs. Yet rack bags vary in terms of quality,

      Reusable Packaging: A Buyer’s Guide for Capital Planners

      Capital planners who budget for the right type of reusable packaging can save their organizations time and money. The price of sewn fabric dunnage is important, but capital planning is about more than just budgeting for new assets. Capital planners also need to account for maintenance, cleaning, and replacement costs. That’s why paying more for

      Capital Planning for Returnable Dunnage

      Capital planning is the perfect time to evaluate the true costs of your returnable dunnage. In industries such as automotive, aerospace, heavy truck, and power sports, mid-November is the time when many capital planners review budget requests from engineers. Purchase price is important, of course, but do the budget requests that you’re seeing include the

      Reusable Packaging Design: Seven Common Challenges

      Reusable packaging design for dunnage that’s built-to-last can save you time and money. In the automotive, heavy truck, power sports, and aerospace industries, sewn fabric dunnage is replacing cardboard boxes and other disposable materials. Recyclable packaging can cost more up-front, but sewn bags provide a strong return on investment (ROI) when they’re designed and manufactured

      Sewn Fabric Dunnage: Seven Solutions to Packaging Problems

      Sewn fabric dunnage is a type of packaging that protects parts, saves space, supports shipping, and eases assembly. Rack bags also provide flexibility because they can conform to the contours of large or complex parts. For packaging engineers and packaging managers, the benefits of sewn fabric dunnage are clear. Yet there are also seven challenges

      Velcro Straps for Sewn Fabric Dunnage

      Velcro straps are used to secure loads in sewn fabric dunnage. Velcro, a type of mechanical fastener, is easier to open and close than cams, buckles, zippers, or other hardware. With Velcro, two layers of fabric are pressed together or pulled apart. One layer contains tiny hooks. The other layer contains tiny loops. Booth layers

      How to Get the Automotive Dunnage That You Need

      Do you enjoy a good story? Then kick back, relax, and learn how a designer of automotive dunnage got the rack bags that he needed. Patrick isn’t a real person, but this storybook character faced challenges that are all too real. Can you relate to them? Meet Patrick Patrick the packaging engineer designed an automotive

      Automotive Rack Bags: Advantages and Applications

      Automotive rack bags package and protect parts that are used in the assembly of cars, trucks, and other vehicles. Typically, this type of sewn fabric dunnage is used with visible Class A surfaces that need to resist scratching. Examples include chrome grills, faux wood panels, and plastic fender fairings. Rack bags aren’t the only type

      Rack Bag ROI: Calculate Your True Dunnage Costs

      What are your dunnage costs? What are really paying for parts bags? If you don’t know your true packaging costs, your return on investment (ROI) may be less than you thought. Even worse, you may be paying a lot more than you should for parts bags. Consider the following example. Purchase Price and Dunnage Costs

      Custom Tyvek for Reusable Packaging Strengthens Fabric Dunnage

      Custom Tyvek for reusable packaging combines the advantages of Tyvek® with a reinforcing scrim and easy-to-clean surface. Tyvek, a registered trademark of DuPont, is a synthetic material that’s made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) fibers. Tyvek supports industrial sewing and lamination, and can be used to build multi-layer packaging materials that save you time and money.