Work-in-Process Bags: Why the Pockets Sag on WIP Bags

      Work-in-process bags are used for kitting and sequencing parts for assembly-line production in the automotive, heavy truck, power sports, and aerospace industries. Typically, the pockets on WIP bags are filled by a third-party company instead of by the OEM parts manufacturer. Employees at a kitting or sequencing facility receive parts from multiple suppliers, unload one

      Fabric Dunnage: How Dirty Rack Bags Muddy Your Costs

      Fabric dunnage is used to package and protect parts during shipping and assembly. Dunnage bags are designed to fit steel racks and plastic totes, but how well does this reusable, returnable packaging support your bottom line? In industries like heavy truck assembly, rack bags are so important that they’re part of a units-per-day calculator. OEMs

      Rack Bag Design for Sewn, Reusable Fabric Dunnage

      Rack bag design isn’t just about pocket size or material selection. Sewn, reusable fabric dunnage needs to meet the needs of the hard-working people who load and remove parts from these material handling systems. Today, packaging engineers can design fabric rack bags using digital 3D drawings. CAD programs let an engineer design reusable packaging around