Rack Bag Costs

      Reusable Packaging Costs: Thread Selection for Sewn Fabric Dunnage

      Reusable packaging costs include thread selection for sewn fabric dunnage. Lower-cost threads may seem like a bargain, but using thread that’s too thin and too weak can cause sewn fabric dunnage seams to fail. Rack bag threads that can’t withstand the loading or unloading of parts aren’t cost-effective. For the best return on investment (ROI),

      The Top Reusable Packaging Posts of 2017

      Here are the top reusable packaging posts of 2017. From packaging design to rack bag manufacturing, Hold-True explains what you need to know. Rack Bag Design for Sewn, Reusable Fabric Dunnage Rack bag design isn’t just about pocket size or material selection. It’s not just about computer aided design (CAD) software either. Fabric Dunnage: How Dirty Rack

      Reusable Packaging: How CFOs Make Better Budget Decisions

      Reusable packaging offers a stronger return on investment (ROI) and a lower cost-per-trip than single-use packaging products. In the automotive, heavy truck, power sports, and aerospace industries, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are using sewn fabric dunnage to reduce energy usage, material waste, and overall supply chain costs. Yet rack bags vary in terms of quality,

      Reusable Packaging: A Buyer’s Guide for Capital Planners

      Capital planners who budget for the right type of reusable packaging can save their organizations time and money. The price of sewn fabric dunnage is important, but capital planning is about more than just budgeting for new assets. Capital planners also need to account for maintenance, cleaning, and replacement costs. That’s why paying more for

      Capital Planning for Returnable Dunnage

      Capital planning is the perfect time to evaluate the true costs of your returnable dunnage. In industries such as automotive, aerospace, heavy truck, and power sports, mid-November is the time when many capital planners review budget requests from engineers. Purchase price is important, of course, but do the budget requests that you’re seeing include the

      Rack Bag ROI: Calculate Your True Dunnage Costs

      What are your dunnage costs? What are really paying for parts bags? If you don’t know your true packaging costs, your return on investment (ROI) may be less than you thought. Even worse, you may be paying a lot more than you should for parts bags. Consider the following example. Purchase Price and Dunnage Costs

      Fabric Dunnage Costs and Thread Selection

      Designers of sewn fabric dunnage need to choose the right thread for rack bags that deliver a strong return on investment (ROI). Lower-cost threads may seem like a bargain, but using a thread that’s too thin (and too weak) can cause rack bag seams to fail. Threads that can’t withstand part loading and unloading, kitting,

      Three Ways to Cut Your Sewn Fabric Dunnage Costs

      Sewn fabric dunnage isn’t just a way to store and ship parts. It’s an important part of your supply chain. This returnable packaging protects sensitive components and puts what assemblers need right at their fingertips. Without the right fabric dunnage, workers won’t have what they need to get the job done. Parts bags that are

      Fabric Dunnage: How Dirty Rack Bags Muddy Your Costs

      Fabric dunnage is used to package and protect parts during shipping and assembly. Dunnage bags are designed to fit steel racks and plastic totes, but how well does this reusable, returnable packaging support your bottom line? In industries like heavy truck assembly, rack bags are so important that they’re part of a units-per-day calculator. OEMs