4 Step Process Transforms Ideas into Usable Solutions in Manufacturing and Transport

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Design, Prototyping, and Ergonomics

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As the saying goes, the devil is in the details. Too often, reusable packaging, in-process bags and other protective sewn fabric products are designed by a manufacturer’s product engineer or a design house. While they usually have a good understanding of the part they are working with, they typically lack experience with commercial sewing and materials. They end up with a nice picture of what they think will work, but what looks good on paper doesn’t always work in the real world.

Hold-True’s design process starts with developing an understanding of the part you want to transport or protect—but we go further, taking into consideration environmental factors that may affect performance, like:

  • Weather conditions
  • Transit issues
  • Friction
  • Handling
Then we apply our commercial sewing experience and materials expertise to design, make patterns and build prototypes.

The end result is:

  • A more functional design
  • The best-suited materials for your application
  • A better quality product that lasts as long as you need it to
  • Less wasted time and money from failed iterations

Material and Fabric Sourcing Services

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The materials really do make the difference. We don’t just set the bar when it comes to the materials we use in our sewn fabric solutions, we are moving the bar. From state-of-the-art technical fabrics to basic cottons and everything in between, we do things with materials that our competitors haven’t even considered.

Over the years, we have developed a large and diverse material supplier list. While we do not typically release our supplier information, we can provide our manufacturing customers with material sourcing services so you can find the appropriate materials to meet your needs. This service is available upon request for an additional fee.

Pattern Making Services

Pattern making is an integrated component of our design and prototyping services. However, upon request, we can also provide patterns to our manufacturing customers for an additional fee.

Consultation & Education Services

If you’re not sure what the best packaging and protection solution is for your product, Hold-True can help. Give us a call to discuss what you are trying to accomplish and the products you are considering.

We will set up a session with our senior design staff to discuss:

  • Product life expectancy
  • Conditions of the environment where the product will be used
  • Aesthetic requirements
  • Product hand
  • Quantity of units being manufactured
  • Materials considerations
  • Lead time constraints
  • Safety concerns
  • Supply chain limitations
  • Quality and cost requirements

Many of our customers have seen improved product durability, ease of use and cost savings as a result of design changes we recommended during their consultation. This session can be conducted at our manufacturing facility or your offices, depending on the situation.

Accurate Cost Estimates: Why Hold True Only Gives Estimates at the Right Stage of Your Project

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People frequently ask, "Can I get an estimate for this project?" We're very hesitant to give you an estimate at this point. We don't like people to set their budgets; CFOs like to hold you to those budgets.

There are many things that could change; we're trying to get the correct solution for your problem. What you're trying to do at the prototyping stage, that's when we can start to give you real numbers, what it's going to take, and give you those options.

If you're getting companies giving you estimates at this point, you might want to consider if they're giving you the right solution. We don't want to give you an estimate too prematurely; there's a lot of things that can change, and we're looking to protect you.

We don't want you to set your budgets in stone and then have to go back to the CFO later to make changes. You're looking for the correct solution; they're looking for the solution. Don't set the budget.

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