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      Reusable Packaging: How CFOs Make Better Budget Decisions

      Reusable packaging offers a stronger return on investment (ROI) and a lower cost-per-trip than single-use packaging products. In the automotive, heavy truck, power sports, and aerospace industries, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are using sewn fabric dunnage to reduce energy usage, material waste, and overall supply chain costs. Yet rack bags vary in terms of quality,

      Fabric Dunnage: How Dirty Rack Bags Muddy Your Costs

      Fabric dunnage is used to package and protect parts during shipping and assembly. Dunnage bags are designed to fit steel racks and plastic totes, but how well does this reusable, returnable packaging support your bottom line? In industries like heavy truck assembly, rack bags are so important that they’re part of a units-per-day calculator. OEMs